So a little bit about me.. 

Well i am a florist and have been since i had a saturday job when i was 14 years old and i loved it instantly , ok maybe not the bleaching buckets but it had to be done .

I went to college and completed my floristry course while working Saturdays and holidays and left with my City and Guilds.

I worked for several florists learning all the time and taking the best bits from the time i spent working for others to open my own florist which I've had for a long time now. 

So now your wondering why Pretty Little Card company ? well i was fed up with making beautiful tributes and having to put a card on it with half the flower chopped off or they wasn't very pretty.

So i made a range of cards for my own florists and they went down really well so i thought other florists might like them as well so the Pretty Little Card company was born and I'm so pleased that i started this.

I’m very lucky that i can have time away from the florist and i’m hoping one day this will be full time so i can give up bleaching those buckets but i can't do that without you so Thank you my flowery friends for your love and support. x